Five Elements of Year-End Giving

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Download White Paper: Five Elements of Year-End GivingFive Elements of Year-End Giving

Philanthropy and economic conditions go hand-in-hand. If the economy is suffering, philanthropy suffers, too. According to the Giving USA Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2010, estimated charitable giving in the United States rose 3.8% - which reflects the modest economic recovery achieved in 2010. Based on the annual report, charitable giving was $290.89 billion for 2010. The increase in giving is good news to nonprofits that continue to be assertive with their messaging and fundraising goals, and proves that an organization that focuses on giving can and will thrive. Year end giving is a key element in achieving fundraising goals.

We've developed a white paper that outlines the five elements of year-end giving and how to be successful when the economy is still recovering.

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