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World Café: Successful Board Retreats Through Conversation

World Café: Successful Board Retreats Through ConversationHave you ever attended a board retreat? If you are a board member you probably have had to give up your time during the week, or even a day on the weekend, to work on organizational matters. By utilizing different methods during your retreat, such as the World Café method, board retreats can be successful. World Cafés lead to organizational solutions, goals and vision for the future through fruitful conversations that utilize the intelligence already in the room.

How can you facilitate this strategic conversation to gain the results you desire during your board retreat? The expertise is actually in the room and through dialog solutions can arise. By utilizing the World Café model, conversations are facilitated where everyone’s voice is heard and in the end there is a solution. There are seven guiding principles to be successful at the World Café model.

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