7 Principles of Board Giving

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7 Principles of Board Giving

The most important factor in the success of fundraising campaigns is leadership. Campaigns are conducted 'inside-out and top-down.' They begin with acquiring gifts and pledges from the governing board.

In order for the board to set an example that will inspire others to join them in supporting the organization, follow these simple principles:

1. 100% of all board members must make a gift to the campaign.

2. Board giving is proportionate. Each board member is asked to make a financial gift to the campaign based on their own ability and interest.

3. Board members are not asked to give proportionately more than any other individual with the same financial capability – they are just asked to make that gift first in order to set an example to the community. Not more – just first.

4. Board members are asked for a specific amount. That amount is determined subjectively and should be based on asking board members to make their “Charitable Priority” over x-number of years.

5. Board solicitations are not “demands” or “assessments” - they are thoughtful requests for financial support.

6. All solicitations are “stretch” asks. Therefore, by their nature, the ask amounts will probably be higher than the board member is currently thinking about. Ask amounts should be “challenging” not “unrealistic.”

7. Board gifts should be “unrestricted” support of the overall campaign objectives as approved by the board. Restrictions placed on gifts from the board will encourage restrictions on giving throughout the campaign and reduce the flexibility the board has with regard to how those funds are utilized.

The complete participation of the board and its cumulative giving is used as a lever and an example for other donors to follow. Do you struggle with getting board members to give? We can help - contact us today.

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