5 Tips for Fundraising Success

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5 Tips for Planning Fundraising Success

Is fundraising fundamental to your nonprofit organization? It is for countless nonprofit organizations. However, achieving success through the planning and execution process never comes easy.

Improve your organization’s ability to meet its fundraising goals with these 5 tips for fundraising success.

1. Overall Vision and Planning
Determine Your Path
Every successful fundraising endeavor starts with a vision for the future. What’s yours? Develop a vision that is urgent, compelling and is in concert with your strategic plan. Explain how your vision is worthy and that by attaining your goals, will make your organization and the world a better place.

2. Major Gifts Donors and Prospects
Win the Campaign on Paper
Success at major gifts fundraising does not happen on its own. Every successful fundraising initiative requires enough prospective donors to achieve your overall goal. Do you have an accurate projection of the gifts that you will need to attain to be successful? To achieve your goal, you will need to have the right proportion of potential donors. Review the list of your current and former donors to ensure their information is accurate and up-to-date. Identify three prospects for each gift you’ll need. Learn how your prospects feel about your organization and determine if you are a priority for them.

3. Leadership Development
Success Begins From Within
There are three areas of leadership that are critical to fundraising success. Organizational Leadership – having a vision for the future of your organization and being able to deliver the cohesive message internally as well as externally. The head of your organization should be both passionate about the vision as well as fully committed to achieving your goals. Staff Leadership – development staff should provide cultivation, solicitation and stewardship strategies to ensure success. Board/Volunteer Leadership – board and volunteer involvement with the fundraising campaign is essential. The ideal board/volunteer leadership individual is willing to use both their affluence and influence for the benefit of your organization.

4. Adequate Resources
A Return on Your Investment
There is a cost for every dollar that is raised by a nonprofit organization, from staffing and travel to printing and postage. An increase in fundraising activity will carry with it an increased cost. Develop standards for what you spend to raise a dollar. Is your budget adequate to support increased fundraising? Be sure to have adequate staff and resources such as increased printing, travel, prospect research, donor recognition, database, data analysis and tracking to handle the size of your fundraising campaign.

5. Readiness
A Strategy for Fundraising Success
Invest in strategies and pre-campaign initiatives now, such as a fundraising planning study, readiness assessment or development audit to lead your organization towards fundraising success. By conducting the appropriate study, assessment or audit, you’ll determine answers to questions such as: Is your Case for Support urgent and compelling? Do you have the potential to reach your fundraising goal? Is your constituency willing to help and willing to give? Is your organization positioned for success? Is there a strategy that will allow you to achieve your goals?

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