Fundraising Leadership: The 3 Key Players for Fundraising Success

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Fundraising Leadership
The 3 Key Players for Fundraising Success

Having a strong fundraising leadership is essential to any successful fundraising campaign. Fundraising leadership consists of three key players:

  1. Chief Executive Officer,
  2. development staff, and
  3. the board.

It is essential for your fundraising leadership team to work in harmony. This team is responsible for increasing fundraising production, ultimately creating a more efficient organization.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) must possess a long-range vision for the organization. This vision should be expressed through a strategic plan, providing the direction to achieve the mission of the organization.

It is the responsibility of the CEO to articulate this vision and plan. The vision of the organization must be consistently communicated well, both internally and externally. To achieve fundraising success, the CEO must involve board members in advocating the messages of the strategic plan. They should also ensure that the plan is being executed by the staff in conjunction with the board’s assistance.

Development Staff

The development staff is responsible for raising the funds that the organization uses to implement the strategic plan. It is beneficial to create a written operational plan that will support the organization’s strategic plan by employing a variety of solicitation strategies, including:

  • e-mail marking;
  • direct mail;
  • phone; and
  • face-to-face.

The development staff is responsible for utilizing the strengths and relationships of the board to maximize fundraising production, especially making optimal use of the CEO’s relationships, time and travel to achieve fundraising success. The staff has the responsibility of execution, rigorous evaluation and honest reporting to the CEO and the board. The coordination of the team – CEO, board and staff – falls to the development team to best utilize these resources.

The Board

The board has the ultimate responsibility for and authority over the fiscal health of the organization. Its participation in fundraising is critical to achieving the goals set forth by the CEO and strategic plan. The board is an external advocate for the organization. Board members must reach out to their collective networks to advocate for your cause. This will provide access to individuals, corporations and foundations that have the ability to support the organization’s mission and purpose with philanthropic dollars.

Board members must actively participate in the life of the organization; attending events, providing financial support, serving as volunteers and being positive advocates in the community. In ratifying the strategic plan, the board must also allocate the appropriate resources to allow its implementation.

The board must work as a partner with the CEO and development staff for the betterment of the organization. With the support of a strong leadership team, your organization will be successfully directed to fundraising success.

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