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Delta Health Alliance

Delta Health Alliance

Client Spotlight

Improving Health Care in the Mississippi Delta

Delta Health Alliance (DHA) is changing health care in the Mississippi Delta. Delta residents are gaining access to higher quality health care quicker and learning how to stay healthy, thanks to educational services and community outreach programs from DHA.

DHA has partnered with Project HOPE (Health Opportunities for People Everywhere) to improve health care in the Mississippi Delta. Project HOPE is an international health education and humanitarian assistance organization that provides free medical supplies and equipment to needy clinics.

The Mississippi Delta ranks as one of the poorest regions in the United States. Project HOPE and DHA will work together to seek funding for medicines, medical equipment and outreach programs to assist all residents, especially those living in the remote areas of the Delta.

"The collaboration between Project HOPE and DHA supports our mission of changing access to care and improving quality of life in the Delta. Real and sustainable change can only occur when individuals and organizations come together with their expertise and resources,” stated Dr. Karen Fox, CEO of Delta Health Alliance. “We’re seeing real change from the ground up, improvements that promise a brighter future for the entire region. With Project HOPE’s history of transforming areas like the Delta, we’re excited about the opportunity for ensuring change.”

Read the full press release on the DHA and Project HOPE Collaboration.

Compass is currently working with DHA to develop their private fundraising efforts. The Compass Group played an integral role in arranging the partnership between DHA and Project HOPE which promises to result in a collaborative effort to positively impact health care in the Delta. The intersection of both organizations working together will help each organization work towards achieving their missions.

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